Richard Stonehouse Architectural Photographer




I'm a passionate photographer of contemporary architecture, interiors, the built environment and architectural models. Dedicated to producing creative, inspiring and striking photographs of contemporary interior and exterior architecture.

With  broad commercial and artistic photographic experience combined with a creative visual approach and understanding of architecture I offer a unique professional service.  Listening closely to the objectives of architects, designers and commissioning clients I produce beautiful photographs that show buildings at their very best, with meticulous attention to detail.  All images are shot in digital format to offer a wide selection of images that are the most benefit across the multiple uses and platforms utilised by clients.







I have always been a photographer and no doubt always will be. I graduated with an Honours degree in photography from Farnham (then WSCAD) in 1994. For the next 13 years I worked for London Based Photographic agency Camera Press as staff then Chief photographer (7 years) before deciding to go freelance in 2008.

I have a very wide variety of experience from documentary to studio but I have always been drawn to architecture and architectural photography. 14 years ago I began a continuing relationship with the Bartlett School of Architecture when I was asked to help students with their architectural model photography. My technical knowhow combined with my fine art sensibility & appreciation of architectural concepts informed my approach enabling me to produce  images that best reflected what they really wished to demonstrate photographically with their architectural models. The resulting architectural model photographs always exceed the expectations of students and lecturers providing photography for  portfolios, books & exhibitions by students and the faculty over the years. I continue this work as well as producing architectural, marketing, documentary, portrait and event photography for the Bartlett comms team.

Inevitably my involvement with students , lecturers & architects at the Bartlett has fuelled and informed by interest in architecture & led to more requests to produce architectural photography as well as architectural model photography both for individuals and practices. This has happily enabled to me specialise more in architectural photography, something I really enjoy. Having seen the process of architects training and going into practise has given me a unique perspective on the dedication, creativity, skill , enthusiasm, talent & phenomenal hard work put in by individuals to become architects. I think they are all amazing, I'm always excited to see what they are working on & create photographs that not only match up to the quality of their work but help highlight how beautiful, innovative and amazing these spaces are that they create. My approach is that of a photographer that understands architects, architecture, space, people, light, texture and place but also photographic visualisation with a documentary sensibility. Producing a collection of images that you really appreciate and help other appreciate architects and designers work. I work all across the UK with a base in London and the West Midlands covering Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and internationally. So please feel free get in touch if you would like discuss projects that you feel I may be able to help you get the very best from.

Richard Stonehouse

Architectural Photographer